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Réseau des professionnels de l'accompagnement et de l'intervention par la recherche-action

The charter and ethical engagement


  • The one who accompanies is bound by professional secrecy during the entire time of the accompanying.
  • Before the intervention, they define with the person or group and the giver of the rules of order the confidentiality that will be applied.
  • The results of the approach are able to target the object of a final result and of an evaluation according to the modules that are defined at the beginning of the action.
  • The one who accompanies engage themselves to actualise all the necessary means at their disposal in order to reach, in agreement with the client, the fixed objectives.
  • They engage themselves to supervise regularly, be it with a competent professional or a group of peers.
  • Conscious of their position, they forbid themselves all abusive influence in respecting the engagement of their mission and in favoring the autonomy of the people concerned.
  • After putting themselves into agreement with their different actors, the one who accompanies procedes to the editing of a contractual document mentioning the objectives of the action, the number and the modules of the work sessions, their eventual content, the methods utilised, the planning retained as well as the financial modules. These have to be validated before any intervention by the different parties concerned.
  • The one who accompanies is attentive to the context, to the interplay, to the usage, to the culture and to the constraints of the organisation or person with whom they work.
  •  The one who accompanies exercise themselves in the mutual respect of the different parties.
  • At the end of their mission, the one intervening procedes to the evaluation of the sessions in concert with the person or group accompanied.
  • The person intervening, in his conscience and soul, can refuse a mission, be it for ethical, material or methodological questions.
Translated by Serge Gligoric